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Shadyside has long been a destination for Pittsburgh area shopping, dining, and nightlife, but recent years have highlighted another neighborhood attraction – the annual Shadyside House Tour. Every September, the Shadyside Action Coalition sponsors this self-guided tour of roughly eight renovated, historic, or architecturally relevant homes, allowing curious visitors to learn about the rehab, styling, and history of the properties along the tour.   This annual home showcase celebrates its 35th year in 2013, clearly demonstrating the local interest in the community and the houses that dot the city blocks from Centre to Fifth and Neville to Penn Avenue. Proceeds raised from ticket sales to the House Tour are dedicated to funding scholarship programs at Winchester Thurston, providing assistance for children to attend the Shadyside Center for the Arts summer camp, as well as other community oriented projects: installing bicycle racks, neighborhood watch signs, and developing information packets for new residents of Shadyside. The House Tour is certainly one of the most interesting and original aspects of this popular Pittsburgh neighborhood as it offers non-residents the opportunity to briefly experience life in Shadyside.


Of course, the House Tour is also open to current residents of the neighborhood, and what better place to live than in Lobos Management’s James Manor. Located along the tour route on Ellsworth Avenue, James Manor offers one and two bedroom apartments with convenient off-street parking on site. Just blocks from the entryway to the building is the bustling business district of Ellsworth Avenue where boutique shops and high end restaurants draw visitors from all over the region. Notable restaurants include the Harris Grill, the Big Burrito Company’s Soba and Umi, and the 1947 Tavern. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other Shadyside area apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.  




One of our most popular rental destinations is the Shadyside neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s East End.  Often, our potential renters tell us they are interested in Shadyside because the neighborhood was recommended by friends who have lived in or know the Pittsburgh area.  Although they know they want to live in Shadyside, new renters often have not seen for themselves what makes the neighborhood so appealing.  Because of this, I’d like to provide a few details of why I think Shadyside is a great spot for our renters.

  1. Restaurants:  Shadyside offers one of the most diverse restaurant districts in the city.  Within a few blocks, you can dine on cuisine with origins in Peru (La Feria), Mexico (Mad Mex), Japan (Sushi Too, Soba, and Umi), Thailand (Kanok), the Mediterranean (Casbah), China (China Palace, Tasty Chinese), Italy (Girasole), and France (Brasserie 33).  However, if you are like my father, you probably seek out “good, old-fashioned, American cuisine.”  Fortunately, Shadyside also offers distinguished establishments of this type (Buffalo Blues, Pamela’s, Pittsburgh Deli Company, and Harris Grill).  If you expand your range by a few blocks, you can also find two incredible Ethiopian restaurants (Tana and Abay) and a pretty good Caribbean place (Royal Caribbean).  Of course, there is also a freaky postmodern breakfast joint (the Waffle Shop), and a rotating cuisine lunch stand that should help broaden our collective grasp on world politics (Conflict Kitchen).  At most places, the menus are extensive, and several of the establishments have vegetarian/vegan options.  With so many accessible choices, it’s easy for renters to explore different international fares every night of the week!
  2. Shopping:  The Walnut Street shopping district has a nice mix of big box chain stores and quirky independent retailers.  Flagship stores that draw shoppers to the area include Apple, Williams Sonoma, Banana Republic, and the Gap.  You can buy specialty baked goods at Prantl’s and find laugh-out-loud funny or sentimental cards for all occasions at Kards Unlimited.  There are also several coffee shops on Walnut, so you can take a break from shopping to recharge on caffeine and people watch.  Not far from Walnut Street is a newer East End shopping development, which includes Whole Foods Market, Target, Trader Joes, Giant Eagle, Anthropologie, Trek Bicycles, and Gamestop.  In short, there are tons of options within easy walking distance.
  3. Arts/Entertainment: On the corner of Fifth and Shady Avenues is the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, which enriches the community with a variety of musical/theatrical performances, visual installations, and educational experiences.  If you really like to “get your art on,” there are several smaller galleries, such as Aspire and Mendelson, sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.  Shadyside hosts an annual arts festival in which artists and vendors from all over the map come to peddle wares and make connections with local buyers.  Additionally, the neighborhood hosts a big concert each summer, known as the “Walnut Street Jam.”  Here, spectators get the chance to enjoy high-profile national musical acts for free.  Granted, the acts are not always contemporary (The Spin Doctors and Concrete Blonde have been recent headliners), but they’re usually pretty good.  However, if you’re looking for newer music and not 1990s MTV has-beens, there is a great venue at the intersection of Baum and North Highland, the Shadow Lounge.

This is just a brief sample of the amenities Shadyside has to offer our renters.  Upon arriving at your new rental property in the neighborhood, you will undoubtedly find other attractions suited to fit your own specific interests.  Fortunately, Lobos Management has several buildings in this neighborhood that allow our residents to all sorts of great attractions like the ones mentioned above.  Apartment types range from studios to four-bedroom units and property styles range from townhouses, to renovated Victorians, to large apartment complexes.


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