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One of the most eclectic and original tourist destinations in the Pittsburgh area is Swissvale’s Trundle Manor, an art house / gallery that offers public tours of their “cabinet of curiosities.” In the words of the curators, “Trundle Manor is a private collection of weird things that has been made available to the public [including] items such as taxidermy, jarred specimens, medical implements, and bizarre weaponry” – clearly not your average museum. In fact, it is very difficult to discern exactly what Trundle Manor is, and that’s precisely how curators Mr. Arm and Velda Von Minx like it. The mystery, it would seem, is actually part of the experience which helps to bring a dynamic and sensory reaction from visitors. The curiosities are not just contained to the art house space, however. Trundle Manor – at its heart – is part of the long American tradition of carnival sideshows. With the recent addition of the Trundle Manor Traveling Creepshow, experiencing a small taste of the gothic and grotesque is no longer just contained to their physical space in Swissvale. This traveling sideshow comes complete with a mobile tent to house the oddities, several performers / members of the manor, and a rotating exhibit of “bizarre beasts and collectibles.” For Pittsburgh residents who are unfamiliar with this fascinating little twist on the museum / art house, it is definitely worth visiting. And it is located just blocks from Frick Park.


Through the park in Squirrel Hill are several Lobos Management properties making access to Trundle Manor as simple as a quick trip on a PAT bus.  Located at 5619 Hobart Street, Hobart Square is a beautifully maintained apartment complex that offers one and two bedroom units, renovated kitchens, and onsite laundry.  Some units in Hobart Square provide access to balconies which overlook the neighborhood and bring fresh air into the building. In addition to its proximity to Trundle Manor, this Lobos Management property also offers quick access to the business district of Squirrel Hill where specialty stores and restaurants dot the blocks of Murray and Forbes. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other Squirrel Hill apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.    



Although bowling is one of America’s most celebrated pastimes, the city of Pittsburgh has relatively few options for league or recreational ten pin. Lawrenceville’s Arsenal Lanes brings a hip spin to the sport by booking theme nights, live bands, and dance contests. Monroeville’s Miracle Lanes – filming site of the classic comedy Kingpin – features “cosmic bowling,” a music and light show experience that turns bowling into an instant party.  One of the most conveniently located and affordable alleys within the city limits is in the heart of Squirrel Hill: Forward Lanes. This no-frills facility provides a kitschy and cozy atmosphere that is decorated with retro bowling equipment and vintage décor. For an inexpensive evening with family or friends, Forward Lanes is the best bowling bang for the buck. Individual games are regularly just two dollars, but on occasional weeknights, flat rate prices for the entire evening are just ten dollars per person. Shoe rental is also an affordable two dollars for the entire evening. Forward Lanes is available for group outings, social events, and private parties.


Lobos Management has several properties that are located within a short distance of Squirrel Hill’s Forward Lanes: the Morrowfield building on the corner of Ikon Way and Morrowfield Avenue; the Shady Avenue building just off of Forward Avenue; and the Tilbury building at the corner of Alderson and Tilbury. Each of these properties offers quick access to the main business strips in Squirrel Hill – Murray Avenue and Forbes Avenue – where residents can enjoy shopping, dining, nightlife, and recreational bowling. Murray Avenue is home to dozens of restaurants, a Giant Eagle, an independent movie theater, and plenty of specialty stores. With so much to do just blocks away from these Lobos Management properties, Squirrel Hill is the perfect city neighborhood: community oriented, close to everything, and affordable. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our properties in Squirrel Hill, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.   


In a world where digital media has become the preferred means of transporting and distributing audio files, the vinyl album has become nearly obsolete in our iPod culture. With MP3s loaded onto our smart phones, bumping through the USB ports in our dashboards, and stored meticulously in our iTunes libraries, the record player is a nearly forgotten piece of ancient technology left only to audiophiles and special collectors. For those who still value the sounds captured on grooved, etched wax, Jerry’s Records in Squirrel Hill is a monument to the lost format. The large storefront on Murray Avenue houses over one million full length albums and nearly as many 45s, EPs, and 78s – certainly one of the largest collections in the country. Every genre of music is represented on the shelves of Jerry’s Records: country and western, oldies, rock and roll, opera, punk, jazz, holiday; Jerry’s has it all. In 2010, Rolling Stone magazine named this Squirrel Hill institution one of the “best record stores in the USA,” a remarkable title for an unassuming record store in a residential Pittsburgh neighborhood.  In addition to the massive collection of records, Jerry’s also services, repairs, and restores classic turntables and console units.


Lobos Management’s Hobart Place is just a few short blocks from Jerry’s Records, making it a convenient location for record collectors and music fans alike. In addition to the record store, Murray Avenue is also home to Acoustic Music Works, a high end instrument store dedicated to the sale of strings: guitars, mandolins, banjos, etc. Squirrel Hill has everything that a music lover or musician could ever need, all just blocks from the front doors of Lobos Management’s Hobart Place. For more information about Lobos Management, Hobart Place, or any of our other properties in Squirrel Hill, please visit our website at www.lobosmanagment.com or track us down on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.



Squirrel Hill’s stately Hobart Commons (Lobos Management) is just a stone’s throw from all of the attractions available in one of Pittsburgh’s most lively neighborhoods. Located between Beacon Street and Murray Avenue, Hobart Commons provides quick access to the bustling heart of Squirrel Hill’s shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Murray Avenue celebrates one of the most diverse stretches of restaurants within the city limits. Along just a few short blocks of Murray Avenue, you can find some of the best pizza in the city (Aiello’s or Mineo’s), taste the exotic flavors of the Bangkok Balcony, sample Thai tapas at the Silk Elephant, or enjoy a kosher lunch at the Milky Way. The blocks of Forbes Avenue that run through Squirrel Hill are also dotted with boutique and specialty shops: Little’s Super Shoe StoreMargaret’s Fine ImportsTen Thousand Villages, as well as some great cafés / coffee shops. One of the neighborhood’s most iconic destinations for nightlife is the Squirrel Hill Café, affectionately referred to as “the squirrel cage” by locals and regulars.

Another rare and exciting attribute to the neighborhood is the historic Manor Theatre. The Theatre – which is currently celebrating its 90th anniversary – features an eclectic blend of artistic independent films and major contemporary blockbusters. Although recently renovated, the Manor still maintains all of its original charm and is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon or evening at the movies.

Squirrel Hill also allows easy access to two of the city’s largest parks / recreation areas: Schenley Park and Frick Park. The Sportsplex at Schenley Park hosts thirteen tennis courts, an all-weather track for running, a soccer field, cross country trails, and a skating rink. Also within the park limits is the Bob O’Connor Golf Course, an 18-hole course complete with snack bar services, practice greens, and an indoor virtual practice area. Schenley Park also boasts a full disc golf course as well as a city pool, perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. Frick Park also has tennis courts and trails, but the most interesting amenity of the park is the bowling green – the only public bowling green in the city.

Also noteworthy about the prime location of Hobart Commons is its proximity to the Waterfront, home to Dave and Buster’s, the Pittsburgh Improv comedy club, Costco, and the largest movie theater in the city (AMC Loew’s). There are also many retail stores at the Waterfront including TargetLowesDick’s Sporting GoodsMarshall’sthe Gap, and Old Navy.

Hobart Commons offers both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, many with refinished hardwood floors. Kitchens and bathrooms have also been recently renovated, and some units include additional sunrooms.

With access to so much just blocks from this Lobos Management property, Hobart Commons offers all the benefits of city life in a residential neighborhood. For more information about Hobart Commons, please visit the Lobos Management website at the following address: http://lobosmanagement.com/5625-27-hobart-street/


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