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In order to provide its clients with the most up-to-date services, Lobos Management is developing its website to include a greater variety of options for its business interactions. Recently, the company established a new online payment form. This allows tenants to pay their rent at their convenience, using any major credit card, including mileage and rewards cards, and to set up an automatic monthly payment system, thereby avoiding any late fees. The process requires only that clients register through the site, which also includes live support to help resolve any issues. Moreover, the company plans to add further online services, such as a submission form for maintenance issues.

About Lobos Management: Located in Pittsburgh, Lobos Management has administered rental properties in western Pennsylvania since its founding in 1973. The company offers both residential and commercial rentals, including college student housing and retail shops, and has also worked with a number of charitable housing organizations, including the YWCA and Hosanna House.


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