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Pittsburgh’s rich history is woven into the streets that cut through each city neighborhood, intersecting the lives and experiences of each generation within a common geography. From East Liberty to Lawrenceville, Aspinwall to Bloomfield, all people from the Steel City share at least two common ties:  an undying dedication to the Black & Gold and a recognition of our own mortality.  Like a giant hub, the Allegheny Cemetery has served as the final resting place for countless city dwellers since the land was first dedicated to memorials in 1845. Buried in this cemetery is Pittsburgh native, Stephen Collins Foster, author of seminal American classics “Oh Susanna,” “Camptown Races,” and “My Old Kentucky Home.” This musical element of the Allegheny Cemetery does not end with Foster, though. Over the years, Lawrenceville locals have utilized the grounds to host music festivals like the Rock All Night Tour (R.A.N.T.) and the annual celebration of Foster’s musical achievements called “Doo Dah Days.” Certainly, this cemetery is not just a site for burial and mourning; it is also an expansive natural environment that caters to the arts and supports local musicianship. Another interesting aspect of the Allegheny Cemetery is that it directly borders several city neighborhoods: Lawrenceville, Garfield, Bloomfield, and Stanton Heights. The vastness of this plot of land literally serves as a juncture between neighborhoods, family histories, and generations of Pittsburghers. 


With properties in East Liberty, Shadyside, and Bloomfield, Lobos Management offers several residential living options just blocks from this great unifying memorial site. Edmond Square in Bloomfield is located off of Liberty Avenue, a main throughway that runs parallel to the cemetery’s southernmost entrance point on Penn Avenue. Also available in Bloomfield is a spacious duplex on Winebiddle Street. And just off of the cemetery’s eastern edge is Lobos Management’s North Negley Apartments, a centrally located building that offers easy access to area shopping and dining. Taking a leisurely stroll through the historic Allegheny Cemetery is a great way to spend an afternoon, and with these Lobos Management properties so close, taking in the natural wonder of the cemetery could not be easier or more convenient. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other East End apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.  



As the largest metropolitan area in Western Pennsylvania, the city of Pittsburgh is a cultural center and hometown identifier for residents from all around the region. People from Somerset in the east, Grove City to the north, and Washington to the south can all casually refer to Pittsburgh as home, and that’s an original characteristic in an American city. A “Pittsburgher,” as demonstrated here, does not necessarily refer to one who lives within the city limits, but rather, to an entire geographic region that spans hundreds of miles in circumference. As such, the Steel City has evolved into the focal point for regional culture. With world class museums, arts, and musical performances available in the city, it becomes easy to overlook some of the more specialized cultural offerings. The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, for instance, although not heralded as a “must see” attraction for area visitors, is a jewel to the area. The large conservatory features 12,000 square feet of paths that wind through the tropical forests, around waterfalls and fish ponds, and through gardens of exotic plants and flowers. The space regularly features installations from world renowned sculptors and artists whose works are seamlessly built into the landscape of the building’s design. A recent exhibit of work by visionary sculptor Dale Chihuly brought spectators from around the globe to witness the magnificent integration of flora and hand blown glass…truly a once in a lifetime spectacle where art and nature seemed to inspire each other simultaneously. The stunning beauty of the gardens is also an available site for wedding ceremonies, private functions, and elegant business retreats, and it’s all located on the northwestern edge of Schenley Park.


Lobos Management’s London Terrace – located on North Craig Street in Oakland – is just blocks from the spectacular gardens at Phipps. With efficiency and one bedroom apartments available in the large complex, London Terrace offers quick access to the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, as well as the bustling business and entertainment district in Oakland. Culturally speaking, this small corner of Pittsburgh rivals downtown’s official “Cultural District,” and much of this has to do with the presence of little jewels like the Phipps Botanical Gardens. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other Oakland apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.


America’s long history and fascination with birds is easily demonstrated through a quick review of some common idioms: “wild goose chase,” “crazy as a loon,” “proud as a peacock,” “fly like an eagle,” “the early bird gets the worm,” et al. This cultural absorption of birds into our daily use of the English language signals an overwhelming interest in these flying creatures. And with this fascination comes a national venue where guests can fawn over fowl, extol orioles, praise the jays, and celebrate the plate-billed toucan: the National Aviary. Located on Pittsburgh’s North Side in Allegheny Commons West, the National Aviary houses more than six hundred birds from around the world and has been showcasing the unique collection to visitors since 1952. Like the Pittsburgh Zoo, the National Aviary is organized by region / ecosystem with birds that are indigenous to tropical rainforests, wetlands, and grasslands. In addition to these regional markers, though, there are also specialty exhibits where specific birds rule the roost: Penguin Point, Condor Court, and Eagle Hall. During the first full weekend of January 2013, the National Aviary is featuring an exhibit of “Grand Birds of America,” a celebration that involves flamingos, pelicans, owls, and a special feeding demonstration of the great bald eagle. The Aviary also shows bird related films, hosts events for schools, is available for private functions, and hosts regular holiday themed festivities. Having the rare indoor opportunity to gawk at a hawk or ogle an eagle is something that should not be missed. And as a local landmark, the National Aviary is easily accessible to Western Pennsylvanians and bird enthusiasts from the world over.


Just blocks from this treasured bird sanctuary is Lobos Management’s Northe Point apartment building. Located at 3250 Richardson Street on the North Side, the beautiful red brick building features one and two bedroom apartments, recently renovated kitchens, and easy access to onsite laundry facilities. Also just a short distance from this Lobos Management property is the Allegheny Observatory, a state of the art research center dedicated to the exploration of the universe. With so much to offer residents of the North Side, it is no wonder that this neighborhood is a hotspot for culture, dining, and nightlife. And there is no better place to experience life on the North Side than by residing in this prime Lobos Management property. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other North Side apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.  


Pittsburgh neighborhood Highland Park is known for its colossal houses, ornate architecture, spacious yards, and distinctive wooded scenery. The many trees that line the streets of the neighborhood offer shade in the summertime but also hint at the general majesty of the park itself, the Pittsburgh Zoo, and the natural surroundings of the area. One aspect of Highland Park that often gets lost in the natural beauty of the neighborhood, however, is the small but highly prized business district along the blocks of Bryant Street. Some of the city’s most highly rated dining establishments are located along Bryant Street: Park Bruges CaféJoseph Tambellini Restaurant, and E2. Park Bruges is the newly opened location of the successful Point Breeze eatery, Point Brugge, a traditional Belgian styled bistro that is commonly heralded for their pommes frites and craft beer selection. Park Burges adopts a similarly Belgian menu but offers regular live entertainment with its Monday evening jazz series feature the Park Bruges House Band. For some of the best Italian inspired cuisine in the city, Joseph Tambellini offers expertly prepared veal, chicken, steak, and pasta dishes to hungry patrons. Paired with one of their extensive collection of California and Italian wines, a meal at Joseph Tambellini can make for the perfect romantic evening. A wonderful addition to the culinary landscape of Highland Park is Chef Kate Romane’s E2, a small but welcoming restaurant offering rustic Mediterranean fare and specializing in small plates of locally sourced produce and goods. The recently opened downstairs seating area has effectively tripled the capacity of the restaurant making this the perfect place to share a meal with friends and family.


With so many fine dining options available in the Bryant Street business district, it is no wonder that Highland Park is such a desirable neighborhood for residential living. Lobos Management’s Yorkshire Apartments is located right at the heart of the neighborhood providing quick access to Bryant Street, the park, and the Pittsburgh Zoo. Situated at the corner of Callowhill Street and North St. Clair Street, this Lobos Management property is just blocks from the Highland Park business district and even closer to the park entrance making this the ideal location for any neighborhood resident. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other Highland Park area apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.         


Shadyside has long been a destination for Pittsburgh area shopping, dining, and nightlife, but recent years have highlighted another neighborhood attraction – the annual Shadyside House Tour. Every September, the Shadyside Action Coalition sponsors this self-guided tour of roughly eight renovated, historic, or architecturally relevant homes, allowing curious visitors to learn about the rehab, styling, and history of the properties along the tour.   This annual home showcase celebrates its 35th year in 2013, clearly demonstrating the local interest in the community and the houses that dot the city blocks from Centre to Fifth and Neville to Penn Avenue. Proceeds raised from ticket sales to the House Tour are dedicated to funding scholarship programs at Winchester Thurston, providing assistance for children to attend the Shadyside Center for the Arts summer camp, as well as other community oriented projects: installing bicycle racks, neighborhood watch signs, and developing information packets for new residents of Shadyside. The House Tour is certainly one of the most interesting and original aspects of this popular Pittsburgh neighborhood as it offers non-residents the opportunity to briefly experience life in Shadyside.


Of course, the House Tour is also open to current residents of the neighborhood, and what better place to live than in Lobos Management’s James Manor. Located along the tour route on Ellsworth Avenue, James Manor offers one and two bedroom apartments with convenient off-street parking on site. Just blocks from the entryway to the building is the bustling business district of Ellsworth Avenue where boutique shops and high end restaurants draw visitors from all over the region. Notable restaurants include the Harris Grill, the Big Burrito Company’s Soba and Umi, and the 1947 Tavern. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other Shadyside area apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.  


The city of Pittsburgh has two central arteries that run parallel through neighborhood after neighborhood: Penn and Liberty Avenues. Where South Aiken crosses the intersection at Centre Avenue – bridging Shadyside into Bloomfield – Liberty Avenue picks up and extends through the main drag of Bloomfield, on into the Strip District, and then into downtown Pittsburgh. Although Liberty is a relatively short stretch of city road, it does serve as a main passage through the very heart of the city where it converges with Penn Avenue at Point State Park. The much longer of these two roads, Penn Avenue, shoots away from Liberty at Main Street where Bloomfield meets Lawrenceville and continues through Garfield, East Liberty, Point Breeze, and Wilkinsburg until it merges into the William Penn Highway which eventually serves as a gateway to the Parkway East. Downtown, Penn Avenue is home to the Cultural District of the city where Heinz Hall, the Byham Theater, and the Benedum Center draw tens of thousands of visitors annually. Continuing away from the Point, Penn Avenue cuts through the Strip District and into Lawrenceville, a neighborhood that is quickly becoming a city hotspot for arts, nightlife, and high end dining.


With these two major arteries moving through so many city neighborhoods, it stands to reason that Lobos Management would have many properties available along these highly trafficked routes. In addition to the many properties maintained in the Shadyside / Bloomfield part of Pittsburgh, Lobos Management also has buildings all throughout the East End, providing quick access to Penn Avenue and ultimately to the Parkway East. Baum Grove, for instance, is just one block from Penn Circle; Lobos Management’s Highland Manor and Fenwyck Apartments are equally close to this important city street. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other East End area apartments, please visit our website at www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.         



by LoBos Management staff

With such desirable amenities as the 3,000-acre North Park, continued growth in new employment, and relative stability in home prices, Pittsburgh’s North Hills is considered by many to be the place to reside for the near future. Considered one of the finest regional parks in America, North Park offers the opportunity to golf, boat, fish, and swim in one of the country’s biggest swimming pools, along with abundant wildlife, diverse dining options, and more.

The North Hills is linked to other geographically hard-to-access Pittsburgh areas and downtown by Interstate 279, the newest highway in Western Pennsylvania. Access to downtown can be gained without the traffic delays of the city’s many tunnels. Destinations like the Strip District, Mt. Washington, the Steelers and Pirates sports stadiums, and more are a short, convenient commute.

For individuals with health and medical concerns, The North Hills boasts many of the regions’ finest health care facilities. Those who like to be entertained near home can take in an event at Hartwood Acres Amphitheater or sail Lake Arthur. Lastly, the area’s predominance of well-regarded public and private schools give it particular appeal to couples raising families.

Providing quality residential-living properties throughout the greater-Pittsburgh area, LoBos Management manages multiple residences in many of the city’s finest neighborhoods, with access to popular shopping destinations, universities, and hospitals.

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