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Cinderella Building Represented American Middle-Class Dream

Posted on: February 20, 2013

During its renovation of the Cinderella Building, the team at Lobos Management gained considerable insight into the construction of this circa-1903 architectural gem. Built in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the property offered convenient, stylish housing with modern amenities. Frederick Scheibler, Jr., who worked his way up the ranks from the role of apprentice at a local firm, designed the Cinderella Building shortly after launching his own firm; he later designed more than 150 projects in the area.

At the time of the Cinderella Building’s construction, Pittsburgh served as the backdrop for a booming economy. With good jobs and steady wages as well as the chance for advancement, the city played host to a rising middle class. The people of the expanding middle class yearned for such fashionable features as built-in fixtures, elegant design, electric lighting, and in-house plumbing. Frederick Scheibler proved adept at incorporating such elements into affordable apartments, such as those in the Art Nouveau Cinderella Building that continues to serve Pittsburgh residents today.

Lobos Management oversees numerous apartment communities in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area; many of the company’s properties have been rescued and restored to provide luxury living for its clients as well as revitalization for their communities. For more information, visit LobosManagement.com.


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