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Phipps Conservatory and Lobos Management’s London Terrace

Posted on: January 10, 2013

As the largest metropolitan area in Western Pennsylvania, the city of Pittsburgh is a cultural center and hometown identifier for residents from all around the region. People from Somerset in the east, Grove City to the north, and Washington to the south can all casually refer to Pittsburgh as home, and that’s an original characteristic in an American city. A “Pittsburgher,” as demonstrated here, does not necessarily refer to one who lives within the city limits, but rather, to an entire geographic region that spans hundreds of miles in circumference. As such, the Steel City has evolved into the focal point for regional culture. With world class museums, arts, and musical performances available in the city, it becomes easy to overlook some of the more specialized cultural offerings. The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, for instance, although not heralded as a “must see” attraction for area visitors, is a jewel to the area. The large conservatory features 12,000 square feet of paths that wind through the tropical forests, around waterfalls and fish ponds, and through gardens of exotic plants and flowers. The space regularly features installations from world renowned sculptors and artists whose works are seamlessly built into the landscape of the building’s design. A recent exhibit of work by visionary sculptor Dale Chihuly brought spectators from around the globe to witness the magnificent integration of flora and hand blown glass…truly a once in a lifetime spectacle where art and nature seemed to inspire each other simultaneously. The stunning beauty of the gardens is also an available site for wedding ceremonies, private functions, and elegant business retreats, and it’s all located on the northwestern edge of Schenley Park.


Lobos Management’s London Terrace – located on North Craig Street in Oakland – is just blocks from the spectacular gardens at Phipps. With efficiency and one bedroom apartments available in the large complex, London Terrace offers quick access to the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, as well as the bustling business and entertainment district in Oakland. Culturally speaking, this small corner of Pittsburgh rivals downtown’s official “Cultural District,” and much of this has to do with the presence of little jewels like the Phipps Botanical Gardens. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other Oakland apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.



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