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Penn and Liberty & Lobos Management’s Highland Manor / Fenwyck Apartments

Posted on: December 12, 2012

The city of Pittsburgh has two central arteries that run parallel through neighborhood after neighborhood: Penn and Liberty Avenues. Where South Aiken crosses the intersection at Centre Avenue – bridging Shadyside into Bloomfield – Liberty Avenue picks up and extends through the main drag of Bloomfield, on into the Strip District, and then into downtown Pittsburgh. Although Liberty is a relatively short stretch of city road, it does serve as a main passage through the very heart of the city where it converges with Penn Avenue at Point State Park. The much longer of these two roads, Penn Avenue, shoots away from Liberty at Main Street where Bloomfield meets Lawrenceville and continues through Garfield, East Liberty, Point Breeze, and Wilkinsburg until it merges into the William Penn Highway which eventually serves as a gateway to the Parkway East. Downtown, Penn Avenue is home to the Cultural District of the city where Heinz Hall, the Byham Theater, and the Benedum Center draw tens of thousands of visitors annually. Continuing away from the Point, Penn Avenue cuts through the Strip District and into Lawrenceville, a neighborhood that is quickly becoming a city hotspot for arts, nightlife, and high end dining.


With these two major arteries moving through so many city neighborhoods, it stands to reason that Lobos Management would have many properties available along these highly trafficked routes. In addition to the many properties maintained in the Shadyside / Bloomfield part of Pittsburgh, Lobos Management also has buildings all throughout the East End, providing quick access to Penn Avenue and ultimately to the Parkway East. Baum Grove, for instance, is just one block from Penn Circle; Lobos Management’s Highland Manor and Fenwyck Apartments are equally close to this important city street. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other East End area apartments, please visit our website at www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.         




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