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A Bridge to the South Side and Lobos Management’s Atwood Street Property

Posted on: December 6, 2012

Despite its geographic size and population, the city of Pittsburgh is often referred to as a “small city” or a “big town,” and much of this homey feeling has to do with the manner in which one neighborhood is connected to another: by bridge. In other major American cities, traversing from one district to the next can require multiple bus routes, lengthy subway commutes, or excessive traffic, but in the city of Pittsburgh, passing into a new zip code is as easy as crossing a river. Oakland – the bustling and heavily populated collegiate neighborhood – is located across the Monongahela from another densely populated neighborhood, Pittsburgh’s South Side. The main throughway in Oakland, Fifth Avenue, is bisected by the Birmingham Bridge which crosses over the Mon, the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, Orsmby Field, and T-bones at East Carson Street. Alternatively, the Hot Metal Bridge connects Oakland to the South Side via Bates Street / Second Avenue and dead ends at the newly constructed SouthSide Works, a shopping plaza that includes an Urban Outfitters, Sur La Table, and a movie theater. Where Oakland is full of studious pedestrians wandering from building to building, the South Side is a distinctly different neighborhood with an atmosphere of its own. From 10th Street to 29th Street, the long blocks of East Carson are home to countless bars and restaurants making a busy weekend night on the South Side feel like Fat Tuesday in the French Quarter.  With access to shopping, dining, and a wealth of watering holes just across the Hot Metal or Birmingham Bridge, the South Side can offer an exciting evening away from the books, libraries, and study groups of Oakland.


Lobos Management maintains a property at the intersection of Atwood and Bates Street – the very road that leads to the Hot Metal Bridge and the glimmering lights of Carson Street. With studios and a five bedroom apartment available in the raised ranch style building, residents of 402 Atwood Street enjoy the many benefits of living between North Oakland and East Carson Street: access to higher education, affordable dining options, and the many bars and nightclubs on the South Side. For more information about Lobos Management or any of our other Oakland area apartments, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.

402 Atwood


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