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Cinderella Building Offers Apartment Dreams Come True By Lobos Management

Posted on: November 21, 2012

The art and architecture of the first decade of the 20th century reflect the optimism suggested in such euphemisms for the period as the Belle Epoque and the Gilded Age. Prosperity and relative peace throughout Europe and the United States sparked a renewed interest in natural beauty, as evidenced by the Art Nouveau movement; during the same time, the American middle class tried to emulate the ideals of loveliness embraced by academia and the wealthy. Such seemingly everyday projects undertaken during this time as the Cinderella Building in Pittsburgh provide a poetic and enduring example of the endeavor to incorporate romance and perfection into the lives of working people.

The building’s name seems especially appropriate when considering the materials used to construct its exterior. Made of coal ashes and cement, the building gives the appearance of a refined form of stucco or adobe. A wood frame reinforces the structure of the Cinderella Building, which remains sound after nearly 110 years.

Although historians debate the reason for the innovative components of the Cinderella Building, the fact remains that a combination of vision and economy contributed to the project. A 30-day bricklayer’s strike prevented masons from working on its construction, but architect Frederick Scheibler also strove to promote the use of ash cement as an ingredient in exterior building and advocated the material over more conventional products. Although the cost for the project remained about the same as that of a conventional building, romantics and architectural devotees continue to foster interest in the Cinderella Building.

About the Author: The owner of the fabled Cinderella Building in Pittsburgh, which in recent years has been converted to luxury apartments, Lobos Management oversees the upkeep and administration of hundreds of apartment units in the greater Pittsburgh area. Catering to families, college students, senior citizens, and single people, the corporation provides diligent tenant services combined with state-of-the-art, web-based maintenance ticket and lease payment options. Lobos Management possesses a positive track record of customer service dating back nearly 40 years. For more information, visit LobosManagement.com.


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