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The Whiskey Rebellion Festival / Canterbury Court in Washington, PA

Posted on: September 22, 2012

During the formative years of our great country, the state of Pennsylvania played a fundamental role in the shaping and solidification of our federal government. Regionally significant in the history of our nation’s tax policy is the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. Confronted with new taxes on grains raised for distillation into alcohol, farmers in and around Washington, PA refused to pay the excise tax, prompting federal involvement and ultimately leading to the tarring and feathering of a federal tax collector. Each year, this historical rebellion is brought to life at Washington’s Whiskey Rebellion Festival where the events are reenacted by dedicated historians on the very streets where the original Rebellion took place. The rebel actors flee to the historic Bradford House (currently still open to the public as an historic site and informational museum), hang the “tax collector,” and skirmish with the federal troops. In addition to the reenactment, the Festival also features a heritage art show where relevant works of / about the period and Western Pennsylvania geography are displayed to the thousands of annual visitors. There is also musical entertainment throughout the entire festival including authentic Appalachian mountain music, big band blues crooners, traditional Scottish vocal and bagpipe performances, as well as the stringed sounds of the Washington Symphony Orchestra. The history of the area certainly deserves such a celebration, and it all takes place right in the downtown square of Washington, PA.


Lobos Management’s Canterbury Court is just blocks away from the historic downtown area of Washington, PA, making this quaint apartment complex the ideal location for suburban Pittsburgh living. With Washington and Jefferson College just two blocks from Canterbury Court, students of history can both study and engage with the living history of the area; the Bradford House and Museum is only six blocks from this Lobos Management property. With renovated kitchens and spacious closets, the one and two bedroom apartments in Canterbury Court would be ideal for anyone interested in the Whiskey Rebellion or Western Pennsylvania history in general. For more information about Lobos Management, Canterbury Court, or any of our other properties in the Washington area, please visit our website at http://www.lobosmanagement.com or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement.



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