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Kamin Street Apartments and Schenley Park

Posted on: August 16, 2012

Residents of any city know that access to parks and green space is highly desirable in a neighborhood. When the bustle of city living becomes hectic, overwhelming, or just too fast-paced, a stroll through the park can be just what the doctor ordered. Few things are more relaxing than taking in the natural beauty of a public green space, and Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park offers city residents access to both leisure and recreation. Two scenic streams run through the park and empty into Panther Hollow Lake, a former city hot spot for fishing and boating. Although the lake has recessed to nearly one third of its original depth – rendering it incapable of housing live fish or boats any longer – the walk through the hollow is inviting and dotted with wildflowers and other natural wonders. In addition to the wooded areas of the park, Schenley Park also includes Flagstaff Hill, a large open field that is adjacent to Carnegie Mellon University. Students often use the hill to sunbathe, study, or take a quick catnap in between classes. During the summer months, Flagstaff Hill serves as a site for city sponsored outdoor movies and concerts, fusing the arts and culture with the great outdoors. At the park’s northern border is Oakland, home to the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University; along the southern edge of the park is Greenfield, and the east side is bordered by Squirrel Hill, a residential neighborhood with a small but quaint business district.


Just blocks from the Squirrel Hill entrance into Schenley Park is Lobos Management’s Kamin Street apartment building. The beautiful building offers both one and two bedroom apartments, each with air conditioning, renovated kitchens and bathrooms, and on-site laundry facilities. Located just off of Beacon Street, the Kamin Street apartments provide quick access to shopping, entertainment, and nightlife in Squirrel Hill. Murray Avenue – the main throughway in the neighborhood – has a movie theater, a Giant Eagle, and many options for dining and specialty shopping. But Kamin Street’s proximity to Schenley Park is by far its greatest asset, making this Lobos Management building the perfect residence for all city dwelling nature seekers. For more information about Lobos Management, Kamin Street apartments, or any other Squirrel Hill properties, please visit our website at http://lobosmanagement.com/, or track us down on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lobosmanagement


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