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Lobos Management on Off-campus Living for the Urban College Student

Posted on: December 15, 2011

When students first look into any college or university, housing is one of the first issues they explore after determining the school’s academic suitability. Many schools, especially in urban settings, do not provide sufficient on-campus housing for all their students; most maintain relationships with area landlords, and many have standards which landlords must meet to be recommended for off-campus housing. In the greater Pittsburgh area, Lobos Management is known as one of the premier landlords for students living off-campus, maintaining excellent relationships with many of greater Pittsburgh’s colleges and universities.

Students seeking off-campus housing should prioritize the features and amenities they require in an apartment. Cost is an obvious high-priority item. Other important features students should look for include internet availability, laundry facilities, parking, security, maintenance, and proximity to the school or to public transportation. Proximity to shopping areas also ranks high for many students. Less important, but contributory to the college experience, is an apartment’s proximity to cultural attractions like museums, libraries, and entertainment venues.

Students living off-campus often experience sticker shock regarding the costs, whether in terms of time or money, of many items that are included in the overall fees for on-campus housing. For instance, utilities are not included in most apartment rents, and the time involved in food preparation and post-meal cleanup often winds up being an excuse to use more costly alternatives to preparing one’s own meals.

Nevertheless, many students prefer off-campus housing to avoid the rules and regulations that often characterize living and eating on-campus. In addition, living in one’s own apartment provides an enhanced sense of privacy. In urban areas, living outside the insular academic setting also carries special benefits in terms of experience and growth. Students at any of Pittsburgh’s colleges and universities should explore the opportunities available at Lobos Management’s website at lobosmanagement.com.


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